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I'm struggling with the choice of materials and tools for the handles

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The test basket weaving is done, now it's time for the materials and tools for the handles.
The material for the handles is already available, but how to combine them with the basket woven from this material? The big question is how to combine this material with the woven basket.
We are going to use synthetic leather because it is a waste (mottene) to use the same Fortuna pearl to hold it, but how do we fasten it? How to fasten it? I am still struggling with this.

I'm a complete beginner at crafts, so now I spend a lot of time thinking about everything I do and I have to stop.
This is an important or even critical issue, especially as I have no sense of style, so I have to know what to do to make it look good.

I've been surfing the net for the last couple of days and gathering a lot of information, but I can't find anything that's decisive. Today is Thursday, so I'm hoping to find a good handle clasp by the end of the week? I'd like to find a good handle clasp or fastening method.

It would be sad to end up with no images, so an original basket weaving

Completed without handles
Colour for both 15 and 21 mm widths: shiro, daidaiiro
15 mm width Colour: sorairo, ruriiro
15 mm width, Colour: usumidori, kuromidori
4 in total.
Please forgive the poor photography, as usual.

The 15mm width above is used by Alaudae.JP Store as a material, and stock is steadily decreasing, so even if you're reassured that it hasn't sold yet, there's still a chance it could run out of stock at a moment's notice...

If you want it, now is the time to get it! And advertise it!