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Future policy

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Originally, the handles could have been produced and sold in the same material by now.
However, the reality is that no progress has been made and priority is now being given to building the web.

This is the result of a number of problems. The reason for this is partly because they don't advertise in online shop sales, so they don't sell at all, but also because they felt that people didn't understand the shop content.

I thought it was designed to be responsive and viewable from iPhones and smartphones, but it is hardly, or not at all, easy to view. I was thinly aware of this, but after having the main (web-built) site renewed, I realised that this shouldn't be the case.

So I'm going to review the store again and build a new website.
But it's my handiwork, so the new one might as well be the same.

But we feel sorry for the products and materials if the entrances and exits to the shops are not understood and the fact that we are selling products is not understood. We will try to make the online store as better as possible for this purpose.

All this is a one-person operation, so there may be delays.
But the renewal of the main (web-built) site was quicker than expected, so it should save time.

We are sorry for keeping you waiting and disappointing you every time.
I am being selfish, but thank you for your understanding.