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August 13, 2020 Newly opened attire!

 -  Notices
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your patience.
Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE opened in a new guise as an island-inspired shop!
There are no key products, as the focus is too much on web building, but a small number of products are available as part of the reopening sale!

It is far from finished and there is still much to do.
But we opened the shop site because we felt that we had taken sufficient measures to ensure that it was a store site.

The focus this time will be on the product images!
Fortuna is available in a wide range of colours, so that from now on it will be possible to understand the shades in the images without having to provide actual (sample) products.
We also put a lot of effort into making the site responsive, so you should be able to enjoy the site from iPhones, smartphones and iPad systems without any discomfort.

On the other hand, it can be disappointing.
It was planned to start points on the site, but the operator was unable to deal with a problem with the extension used, so this time it was postponed.
The fact that points are awarded for purchases is attractive, but we do not want security to be compromised by points, and will reconsider after the system has stabilised.
Apologies are made to users who had high expectations.

In addition, the renewal does not take over the previous data, and all users will have to register as new users as the new operation has started. Customers who used the store before the renewal will receive a discount coupon directly from the store by email after confirming their re-registration, so please re-register and thank you.