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Product code:001F-06048 Traditional, Japanese color name:利休鼠 (rikyunezumi)     

¥1,050 (¥955 excl VAT) each

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  • Length (m) x Width (mm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Material
    100% polypropylene

What is the origin of the name?

The "Fortuna Pearl" sold by Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE is a material imported from Taiwan. Taiwan is known in Spanish as "Formosa," which means "beautiful." Therefore, Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE named the "Fortuna Pearl" after the beautiful island of Taiwan and the handicraft enthusiasts who bring us good fortune.

Fortuna 15mm 53 colors
Plum and Fortuna

The thickness of 0.5 to 0.8 mm (the cross-section is medium thick and the corners are thin) is surprisingly soft and smooth to the touch, with a pearl-like luster. I personally am very happy that my hands do not hurt even when I knit with it.

  • A material that is not hard even in early winter, can be softened with winding twist, does not produce fiber of fluff, does not split vertically, and can attract various shapes by ideas.
  • The 6mm width of the 21mm width, which is divided into 15mm and 6mm, is a concern because it can stretch or tear depending on the amount of force applied.

We offer a wide variety of colors, with 53 to choose from.

  • The color name was decided by comparing the actual color and the Japanese traditional color name (Web color display).
  • Please note that there may be differences in color space, appearance, usage environment, and equipment depending on the person.
  • In the site renewal from 2023 to 2024, we focused on image processing.

Polypropylene bands, which are typically used for packaging, are also used for handicrafts. The colors available are limited, and the standard width is 15mm.


It is easy to obtain because it is a packing material, and the unit price is also inexpensive.


The color is few. The material is hard and easy to split, and the work makes your hands hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility of allergies or discoloration?

about the material
This product is made of 100% polypropylene. Please note that other ingredients may be included. If you have allergies or symptoms, please refrain from purchasing.
fabric dye transfer
This product does not transfer color even after 8 years. However, only the color FUKAMIDORI/001F-*045 has been confirmed to have yellow stains similar to machine oil on the hands. It is unclear if this is due to color fading, but the stains can be removed by washing with water or wiping dry.

Why are the widths 21mm, 15mm, and 6mm?

Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE is expanding its selection of PP band widths to meet the needs of Japanese customers. In Japan, 15mm-wide PP bands are the most popular. To meet this demand, ALAUDAE now offers 15mm-wide and 6mm-wide PP bands, which are made by cutting 21mm-wide PP bands in half.
Note that the width of 6mm PP bands can vary from 5 to 8mm, depending on the condition of the 21mm PP bands. The width of 15mm PP bands is the same as the width of 21mm PP bands divided by two. The original widths of Fortuna Pearls are 21mm and 12mm only. The 12mm width is currently unavailable.

Is the 27m winding actual measurement?

Yes, the length has been measured.
The measurement is performed with a Handy Measure manufactured by Tokyo Nihos (instrumental error: within 0.24%). However, please note that there is a possibility of a visual error of up to 27 meters.
The thickness of the rolls varies depending on the material and color, and since they are all hand-rolled, the shape of the rolls (within about 16 cm in diameter) also varies.

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