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Jig components being made

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Cooler than yesterday, but still hot enough in Kakunodate that you don't want to leave your air-conditioned room.
Usually on the last day of the local festival, this heat could be radiated from the earth...

I really want to use Twitter to upload images of my working conditions, but I see comments on Twitter as a whole that are aimed at putting people down, and I feel very uncomfortable and have lost my enthusiasm for using Twitter. So we will use the blog on our own website.

Now, is the old man really manufacturing parts for the jig? You might suspect that he is, but he is currently machining the parts for the jig in the title image. These days, considering efficiency, I often use ready-made parts rather than machining them myself, but I feel that I have no choice but to machine the parts I am now machining because I can't find ready-made parts.

If this process is successful, we should be able to split 3mm, 4mm and 5mm from a width of 21mm as we like! Without testing, I am steadily processing the parts with my own expectations.

The last image shows the finished prototype knitting fold in 6~7 mm width and 3 mm width.