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Feels like you're aiming for the summit

 -  Hand Work
There is no end in sight.
We have steadily and steadily knitted our way up to this point, but we still cannot reach the top.

That's not surprising, because the paper size would be about the size of an AB standard 'A2'.
Why did you make it this big? If you are wondering why, see our previous comments.

But it still crosses half the height, and if you weave about 30 more steps, you will reach the top.
My current skills seem to limit me to about eight steps a day, so a few more days?

But it's unlikely to be done this week, as there are still some final adjustments, final closures, handles, etc. to be done.
But the finished product is going to be a very exciting prototype...

Hey, if you've got time to update your blog, don't think (or say) you should weave it in: ....