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Thoughts change

 -  Hand Work
I started weaving in the original jig last week, but I feel uncomfortable with the way it is being used.
The method I came up with a year ago, it's original, so I'm free to handle the jig, but I think it could be easier.

This feeling, important to me, I see as an evolution of floundering, and I stopped working on it.
Naturally, surf the net and search the internet for ideas.

Search in a daze for a few days and find a way that looks like it. And I have a feeling it can be done without the need for a jig.
So the original jig, which was painstakingly produced, is unlikely to come into play this time.

After a year, thinking and ways of doing things change.
Hmmm - was it right to leave it for a year?

With mixed feelings of happiness and sadness, we will start knitting the handles today!