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3 September 2020 Prototype of a handle

 -  Hand Work
I knitted for the first time in about a year, after giving it some thought.
Length and width approx 50 cm x 24 mm
Incidentally, 'Curved scale' is 'shaku-kan system'.
I usually measure with the 'shaku-kan system' and I don't have a 'Curved scale' in mm at hand, so I may not be able to judge the length...

I could knit the handles without using the original jig and without having to worry.
And above all, it gives the Fortuna a good soft feel.

Probably a way of weaving handles that cannot be made with PP bands.
If you weave and twist and twist at this width, it should crack or split...

In the afternoon, too, we will try different things.
This method has made knitting handles a lot of fun!