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Emergency maintenance completed!

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Thank you very much for visiting Handicrafts Store☆Alaudae.
"Payment errors for Yu-pack smartphone discount", but it turns out to be a fundamental problem with the function.

The cause was a situation where "'the order did not move from 'Shipping and Payment Methods' to 'Confirm Order', but only appeared in the order history as 'Status - New Reception' for the number of clicks and taps made". In this state, the user cannot make the payment themselves, and the payment can only be completed by the store. We have also identified a phenomenon where points that should have been awarded automatically are not awarded due to this effect.

The website was therefore urgently and unannounced maintained from 16 April 2021.
Maintenance was completed and the website reopened at noon on 18 April 2021.

Maintenance was carried out without announcement to users, causing inconvenience.
We also apologise for any inconvenience caused to the users who pointed this out due to an easy decision on the part of the store.

The delivery procedures for the "Yu-pack Smartphone Discount" and "Yu-pack Smartphone Discount [Post Office Receipt Discount]" have been revised and changed at the same time as this emergency maintenance.
"Yu-Pack Smartphone Discount" and "Yu-Pack Smartphone Discount [Post Office Receipt Discount]", please check Shipping / Handling # Japan.

18 Apr 2021 Alaudae.JP Store