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2021 should see an increase in prototypes and manufactured products.

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While refurbishing the online store, the obsession with prototypes ...
The year 2020 will end in a few days, although the renovations in such a store have settled down and I am immersed in prototyping.

Can you currently make all the woven baskets from Fortuna materials? I'm trying to.
The main body part took the shape as expected, or rather as imagined.

The problem is the handle.
How many attempts were made and discarded along the way?
Aiming for the shape imagined in the brain involves more detail and more working days than expected

Is it because they pursue forms that everyone else seems to do, or could do, but can't?
If it were a form that anyone could take, we wouldn't have to worry so much.

We came to a point where we could manage to prepare three or four possible shapes in such a situation.
Details to be carried over to next year...

Next year, we want to increase the number of Fortuna material fans!