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They're going to fix the template glitch

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As soon as the site template we are now using went on sale, we noticed a problem with the wish list (wish list) and asked for it to be fixed, but there was no response.
I did not give up and kept telling them about the problem, saying that they were unresponsive due to my lack of English skills.
And after almost a year, they finally seem to be responding.

The wish list in this site template can be saved by clicking on the heart in the upper left-hand circle of the product image in the list list, or on the heart next to the quantity in the single product description. However, due to a glitch, the hearts displayed within the upper left circle of the product image in the listings are not displayed except for the image in the top site.

So users have to go all the way to a single product description to store it in their wish list (wishlist), which is inevitably not user-friendly. As expected, the response to the use of the site is poor and...

The seller will respond and we can only hope for a quick fix.