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Status of work to make the store multilingual - Part 3 -

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I wanted to reopen the store as soon as possible, but the cold winter weather was too much for me and the numbness and pain increased dramatically.
In particular, the pain I've been experiencing since the end of January doesn't go away when I sit in a chair, and continues even when I go to bed.

So, I'm resting today, and my web building work will be further delayed.

In the meantime, I'm happy.
I had applied for this shopping cart early because some payment methods need to be reviewed, and if they don't pass the review, I have to consider other payment methods.
However, there was no need to worry about that, and all the payment methods we applied for are now available.
We have not yet set up or confirmed the operation of these payment methods, but once they are available, you will be able to purchase without worrying about the payment method.

I hope the pain goes away a little as I work to make the site as easy to use as possible after the renewal...