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ProtoType2 Pearl ◇W21-Sixteen Colors◇ Mix Shirakabazaiku

Fortuna pearl 21mm wide prototype. Scandinavian-style accessory case coloured in 16 colours. Fortuna pearl 21mm wide, width 18.2cm, depth 6.3cm, height 12cm. Prototype of a Scandinavian-style mixed-colour accessory case with 16 coloured Fortuna pearls.
  • Color number
    001F-21001, 001F-21004, 001F-21006, 001F-21007, 001F-21017, 001F-21019, 001F-21023, 001F-21024, 001F-21027, 001F-21029, 001F-21030, 001F-21035, 001F-21039, 001F-21041, 001F-21046, 001F-21048
  • W x D x H (cm)
    18.2 x 6.3 x 12
  • Weight (g)
  • Material
    100% polypropylene

Same type

Produced to imitate Scandinavian-style birch crafts. It is a prototype and does not take into account how it is used. But the size of an iPad (3rd generation) fits about halfway vertically.
16 colours to see shades. No longer Nordic. But this is a good (kind of?) Feeling.
The point of concern after production is that too much force is applied in the same direction, and the whole piece appears to be twisted when viewed from directly above. After all, handmade products show people's habits. It was impossible to adjust this twist.

Why we wanted to produce the first Scandinavian style of accessory case in Fortuna Pearl 21 mm width. The width of 21 mm seemed surprisingly large and I felt that I could produce works other than those I have made so far. After actually using it, I was convinced that I could take on the challenge of making large objects. But the bigger the width, the more difficult it is to get the right final fit. It's not just a case of knitting the end longer...

This is an issue for the future. But with some ingenuity, good work should be possible.
Only one prototype of the 16-colour Scandinavian-style accessory case was produced.

Product code: FMW21-ACEU02

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If there are many requests for production of sold-out items, we may consider reselling them!
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