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Ichimatsukoshi patterns with narrow widths are very difficult

 -  Hand Work
I should have finished knitting during the summer holidays! You might think so, but this year, due to various family circumstances, I had no time at all to do any braiding.
Well, the main reason is that I was not feeling well during this heat wave.

However, I had been braiding steadily with plenty of time to spare, and now I'm in the final stages of braiding inwards.
The braiding should be completed by tomorrow or the day after.

To be honest, with my current skills, I am not satisfied with the shape of the Ichimatsukoshi pattern in a width of 6~7 mm, which wastes a lot of time. So I will complete the two pieces I am working on, 'akabeni' and 'umenezu' 7mm wide and 'ruriiro' and 'asagiiro' 6mm wide, but I will not try again until I feel my skills have improved.

It's not because it's difficult or troublesome, but because it's not possible to give it the shape you want, and it's not likely to come out the way you want it to.

My policy is "don't do what you can't do, start with what you can do", so once I have completed a project, I will start doing what I can do the next time without overdoing it.

Oh yes, and the other thing that bothers me every time is what to do with the handles?
It's 6~7 mm wide, genuine leather and double-sided caulking seems to have strength problems!

It's hard for an old man with no knowledge and lots of worries...