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I finally put a handle on it

 -  Hand Work
23 May 2019, up-dated net basket made with Fortuna Pearl Tape with handles.
It should look like a bag because of the handles attached.

After much deliberation on the material and material of the handle, I'm going to try using noume leather (genuine leather) this time.
I considered synthetic leather, but I think Fortuna Tape is a good material, so I challenged myself to use genuine leather and make it look luxurious and attractive.

The tools made caulking fastening easier.

For now, the products in the image are

15mm#Fortuna pearl*sorairo
15mm#Fortuna pearl*ruriiro

Slubber tape 15 mm wide, total length of handle 40 cm.
Caulked both sides Colour: silver antique

Complete with materials and ingredients.

There are many other things I would like to tell you, but I have unfinished products without handles, so I will finish those and photograph them first.
It's hard to work all by yourself...