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Not very good

 -  Hand Work
Once I found a good weave for the handle on the internet and knitted it, but it didn't feel right.
Moreover, it is difficult to see a shape that fits the image.

Plans envisage a one-handed part, approx. 5-60 cm in length.
When weaving with two strands of 6-7 mm width, it was found that the length of one strand needed to be about 2 m for its entire length.

But if I continued with the trial weaving, I would waste material, so I had to stop.
It may be necessary to continue to work on a task that has no foreseeable future, but it is also important to give shape to it within the minimum necessary.

In fact, it would be good if we could make a prototype of this weaving method with a domestic PP band, but it is hard because it is hard and we don't want to hurt our hands in the opposite way. So we stopped working on it and are now looking for a good weave on the internet again.

In any case, the three main bodies, which have been unfinished for about a year, need to be fitted with handles before they can be moved on.
Is there a good weave...

Is it my imagination that it's cooler than that?
It has been extremely hot every day and a "large and very strong" special warning class typhoon is likely to approach western Japan from this evening.
It is hard to do anything but watch over them to ensure that they end up with minimal damage.