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ProtoType7 Six squares ◇Pearl W21-FUKAMIDORI, WAKANAEIRO◇ Hishigatakoshi

Fortuna pearl 21mm wide prototype. Lozenge plaid, herringkin check and diagonal check (chequered plaid) patterns. Fortuna pearl 21 mm wide, width 10 x gusset 5 x height 6 squares. The handle is 62 cm long, knitted with 12 Fortuna pearls 3 mm wide and 8 caulking points covered with ornaments, an original "Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE". The main body is expressed in Fortuna pearl, which has a smooth, silky feel and a pearlescent, textured texture, with a diamond-shaped pattern of herlikin checks and diagonal checks (checkerboard). The handles are also full of original ideas, such as netting on the tube.
  • Color number
    001F-21041, 001F-21045
  • Rivet
    Hidden fixation (8 places)
  • Handle core
    Special cold resistant tube
  • W x D x H (cm)
    30 x 15 x 18
  • Handle length (cm)
    62 / 50 (handle part) / 1.1 (outer diameter)
  • Weight (g)
  • Material
    100% polypropylene / PVC / brass
  • Production time
    Body part approximately 28 hours / Handle part approximately 28 hours

Same type

Since Pearl Prototype 1, "Pearl Prototypes 1 - 4" have been produced. However, none of them are satisfactory due to shortcomings and difficulties. So Prototype Seven is a prototype that was reviewed from the knitting diagram, revised and completed to solve those problems.

"Pearl Prototype 4" is a method of weaving where the length of the material is first determined, starting from the inner bottom, then folding outwards at the vertical top and balancing on the outer bottom. However, it is not possible to create a complete checkerboard or diamond pattern on the inside and outside of the bottom, but only a partial pouring method is possible, as in the "Pearl Prototypes 1 - 2". But that is no production progress and it is not a form of sale, so we have not adopted that method this time.

The handles and grip utilise the 12-round knitting method with "Pearl Prototype 5 - 6". The handle core is made of a cold-resistant tube that can withstand temperatures down to -10°C so that it can be used all year round, regardless of the season. The thickness is thinner than the "Prototype Seven 12 squares" and the length of 50 cm makes it the longest handle in the "Prototype Seven Series".

The method of producing and covering the double-sided caulking part with Fortuna material for the decorative part was first tried on "Prototype Seven 6 squares". As far as possible, the leftover pieces are not thrown away, and the use of materials without wasting them also takes into account the plastic waste problem. The roughness of the first joints, seams and stitch positions in the finished product is gradually being improved in "Prototype Seven: 9 squares, 12 squares".

Also, except for the use of brass for the caulking, the material is 100% polypropylene and PVC, so if it gets dirty, it can be washed directly with water or wiped with alcohol sterilisation. Durability will be fine as long as it is not handled too roughly.

The total weight of about 430 g is not clear whether it is light or heavy for this size. But I think it's reasonable if you take into account the tenfold and twentyfold durability of the product, as well as the ease with which you can enjoy a one-ranked-up fashionable look.

We plan to check the durability and problems of the "Prototype Seven: 6, 9 and 12 squares" directly and report on their use on our web blog. That is why the prototypes of the Prototype Seven series are not sold, but are actually used by the operators themselves and their families for advertising purposes.

Only one of the above items was produced for this prototype.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the product?

A list of past products and prototypes that anyone can check at any time that has been sold by Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE.
The categories and list will continue to increase as we continue to produce and prototype!

Is there a resale of product history?

If there are many requests for production of sold-out items, we may consider reselling them!
However, I also have a web construction business as a side job, and when I'm busy with web work, I can't do any craft work. Resale will be considered only if the creator has the luxury of doing handicraft work.

What does out of stock mean in the product history?

I want to shorten the time it takes to write a new article on a blog, etc., so I make good use of the electronic commerce (EC site) system and display items that are out of stock in the product history. Please think of it as a state where it can be resold once it is produced.

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