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Trial production 8 (eight) is launched!

 -  Notices
The Japanese archipelago is in a difficult situation with the Tokyo Olympics and, of course, the daily heat wave.
Our store also worked hard to keep up with the intense heat and production.
However, the content of the Fortuna knitting technique (recipes) is unlikely to be completed by the end of this month.

Two prototypes that were due to be uploaded at the same time are now on display for sale today.
  1. ProtoType8 Nine squares ◇Pearl W15-SEKICHIKUIRO, MOMOHANAIRO◇ Hishigatakoshi
  2. ProtoType8 seven squares ◇Pearl W15-KONJIKI, GINNEZU◇ Hishigatakoshi
Take a look if you are interested.

There is also a possibility of a direct typhoon hit, so check typhoon information just in case.