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Narrow width Ichimatsukoshi pattern completed

 -  Hand Work
I finally attached a handle to the narrow Ichimatsukoshi pattern body, which I thought had been left unattended for about a year or two.
It took a year of work on the website, two months of trial and error for the shape of the handle, and a very long road to completion.
After completing the project, I think there are many issues to be addressed to make it better.
The narrow checkerboard lattice pattern for the body part will be tried again after developing the skills a little more.

The more the bearer thinks, the more they drift into the hard way, so once they return to the basics they come up with ideas.
Note that the knitting method for the handles this time is a combination of 12-strand circular knitting, 6-strand circular knitting and barley straw? with the material being 4 mm wide. A combination of flat knitting, a method that anyone can use. I wondered if the material would be brittle in narrow weaving (as I felt a cutting sensation when tightening). I wondered if the material would be brittle, but I was able to weave it in without problems and learned about the possibilities of narrow weaving in the future.

Also, there is a lot of overall reflection on what I think after completing the product, and the commercialisation of the prototype is a delicate process.
We will conclude by the time the images are taken for the website exhibition, but we will consider selling them if there is a request to sell them on the website, Facebook or Twitter in advance.

But before I can take pictures for the website, ”Weaving of the big size body completed” is waiting for me to attach the handles.
Next, we move on to attaching a suitable handle to this guy.