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Thoughts on Handicraft sales

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I continued to work on the idea that I had to produce and sell the materials myself in order for people to know how good they are, and then I realised that we were entering the second half of 2019.
I have been ill, but if there is a delay, the shopping website has been modified and enhanced.
Really sorry for the delay of one month from the planned date of early June 2019.

Handicrafts will be sold at this.
At first I considered using the big markets, but I think it's important to run your own shopping site if you're building and managing a website, so I don't use the big markets.

That is why it eats up time until you finish putting together what kind of and how you are going to operate.
It is not a form of hobby, but a form that is promoted as a business, illuminating the destination.
The Handicraft sales method was the result of various explorations, such as the following.

We were also concerned about the selling price.
Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE calculates the hourly wage as ¥800~900.
It may be high as an hourly rate, but we dare to set this sales price.

Think about it.

In the current domestic situation, wages should normally be at this level. As I recall, the economy until recently was often in the news, exceeding the high economic growth and bubble economy periods.

But in fact the sense of the hourly wage is not that different from 20 years ago...
Carpenters' labour is the same or lower than it was about 30 years ago, when the last wage was increased to a base wage when my late father's generation was paid too cheaply for their labour. The hourly rate for night shifts at convenience stores is still the same as it was 20 years ago, as far as recruitment posters are concerned. Wages are low anyway. Is it civil servants or some large companies that are increasing wages in the country? I think it's only about?
I also think that in Japan, rather than a shortage of workers, wages are too cheap, which limits choice, and as a result, people just don't want to work or are not motivated to work.

I know I'm way off topic, but that doesn't mean that you have to add the desired wage to your business, and at what price for a prototype? That's always going to be the case.
So the price is based on the suggested selling price and a sales method that discounts (deducts) the price as a technical selling price.

Well, it doesn't matter what the seller's position is, it's all about selling a good product at a fair...

Although we still have a lot to learn and think about as a service business, Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE has finally started its start in business by selling handicrafts.

Thank you for your continued support.