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Weight of Fortuna Pearl

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While sorting through the images, we found a weight image of one 27m roll during a small sorting operation, which is posted here.
Colour in Fortuna Pearl * Konjiki * 27M
  • 6 mm width is approx 0.06~0.07 kg
  • 15mm width is approx 0.15 kg
  • 21mm width is approx 0.21~0.22 kg
Weights of.

The 15 mm width is almost 0.15 kg as the store pre-cuts it to 15 mm width, while the weight of the others is expected to vary between width and thickness. Basically, Fortuna is not wrong that 'length = weight' as all digital scales have been purchased and inspected.
We hope you understand that the weight varies slightly in width and thickness depending on the colour.

So the overall weight in the description (0.20~0.23 kg for 21 mm) is stated as the average weight of all 53 colours.

Online sales cannot check the products directly at hand.
We would like to update any information that we can include in the future, as we believe that the most important thing is to relieve any such concerns and to make the purchase with peace of mind.