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Material Fortuna - unknown attractions and possibilities -

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Thoughts on the work on the handles of the
Weaving of the big size body completed” as of 27 October 2020.

I'm sure I've probably commented on this somewhere on the Info blog, but my basic idea for my handicrafts is 'something that not everyone seems to have thought of' and I work with that in mind. How can we bring out the charm of the material Fortuna? I'm in the middle of experimenting.

No matter how good a material is, it is meaningless if it cannot be expressed in form.
In fact, the site was expected for a while, but was left unattended for about a year or two due to web matters? Even this website has been forgotten.
But I hope that this time the handles will make you care about this site again.

Now for the main topic -Unknown attractions and possibilities-.

The appeal of the unknown is still the rich colours and softness not found in PP bands.
This was ordered as a sample and when I saw the material in person, I still feel certain that it was worth importing.
The possibilities are amazing to be able to knit the belly of a snake (cobra) by pulling it apart into narrow widths like craft tape and using it, Fortuna, a material that had considerable potential. At first I thought that the handles needed to be diverted from a different material, like the domestic PP bands, but that was only because I had not yet realised the advantages of the material Fortuna.

This can be created in many ways with the material Fortuna, including all the handles. It also means that material Fortuna can do what domestic PP bands cannot. Conversely, weaknesses in the material Fortuna can be compensated for by domestic PP bands.

I already have too many things to do in the future, and I enjoy doing crafts...