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ProtoType4 Pearl ◇W21-FUJIMURASAKI◇ One colors with Handles

Fortuna pearl 21mm wide prototype. Table-top accessory case with monochrome handles (grip). Fortuna pearl 21mm wide, width 12.2cm, depth 9cm, height 7.5cm. Prototype table-top accessory case in monochrome Fortuna pearl.
  • Color number
  • W x D x H (cm)
    12.2 x 9 x 7.5
  • Handle length (cm)
  • Weight (g)
  • Material
    100% polypropylene

Same type

Monochrome type of four prototypes of a table-top accessory case with handles. This time the shape was produced with reference to Taiwanese handicrafts enthusiasts.
After producing two (actually three) single-coloured ones, we asked ourselves what the two colours would look like, or rather, what would happen if we had one each in different colours, horizontally and vertically. And then made a total of five prototypes. All the body parts are knitted first and the handles are retrofitted at the end. There is no core material in the handles and they are distorted. I wanted it to be a bit rounder...

This time, we wanted to know how we could produce the same shape in less time. A work that was simple but lacked something, was unsatisfactory and required a little more ingenuity, which was challenged after completion. But I enjoy the process of something I created or imagined in my head actually taking shape and becoming a reality. The material is produced with the idea that it will take shape in this way. There are also failures. But I am very happy when it is completed.

Prototype of a table-top accessory case with handles, only one of the above-mentioned items was produced in FUJIMURASAKI.

Product code: FMW21-ACH04

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the product?

A list of past products and prototypes that anyone can check at any time that has been sold by Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE.
The categories and list will continue to increase as we continue to produce and prototype!

Is there a resale of product history?

If there are many requests for production of sold-out items, we may consider reselling them!
However, I also have a web construction business as a side job, and when I'm busy with web work, I can't do any craft work. Resale will be considered only if the creator has the luxury of doing handicraft work.

What does out of stock mean in the product history?

I want to shorten the time it takes to write a new article on a blog, etc., so I make good use of the electronic commerce (EC site) system and display items that are out of stock in the product history. Please think of it as a state where it can be resold once it is produced.

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