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Fortuna Pearl width mixed prototypes. tote super-wide back. Dotted rows width 75 x gusset 17 x height 59 squares type. Handle 80 cm, serpentine weave in 3 mm wide zoge-iro, caulked on both sides with a ø 6 double-sided caulk fastener. I made a prototype of a fashionable big-size bag in five shades of purple colours, mainly zoge-iro. The bellows knitting of the handle is knitted with the softness of the material Fortuna, so it should feel good to grip and carry...
  • Color number
    001F-*-026, 001F-06017, 001F-06018, 001F-06019, 001F-06020, 001F-06021 (*=21, 15, 6)
  • Rivet
    φ6 both sides caulking color: bronze
  • W x D x H (cm)
    53.5 x 12.5 x 39
  • Handle length (cm)
    80 x 1.5
  • Weight (g)
  • Material
    100% Polypropylene / brass + iron

I am not interested in fashion at all, but I am fascinated by women's fashion.
The image of a large bag that looks fashionable, rather than a sturdy large bag, was produced for such women's fashion, but the extra-large size was completed by making a mistake in the length of the material.
Wavy knitting conditions are evidence of poor skill level of the producer. The recklessness of suddenly trying a big size when the normal size narrow material could not be knitted well appeared in the form, but it was corrected and is now in its present state. As explained every time, we believe this will improve with future skill development.
After the completion of the main body, the handles were not attached until 393 days later, due to the priority given to the web construction work (renewal on 13 August 2020). However, for the delay, a new idea was to use snake (cobra) belly knitting for the handles.
The bellows knitting can only be done for approximately 8~9 cm for one strand of material Fortuna 3 mm wide x 2 M. For a total length of approximately 80 cm on one side, 10 3 mm wide x 2 M were required, or 20 in total for both.
In addition, there are concerns about the strength of the 15mm wide x 2 heavy weight used for the accent, which is extended as it is and made into a handle. 1M x 13mm wide transparent PP band from Japan is inserted between the accent and handle parts and caulked, and finally the border between the body and four parts of the handle is braided again, and consideration is also given to the parts that cannot be seen.

The ideas that we thought about until the completion of this project were all ideas that we could utilise for the next project. It can be said that this prototype made us excited about the next production.

This product is presented to those who are regularly taken care of after the explanation up.

Only one of the above items was produced for this prototype.

Product code: FMWX-T002

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A list of past products and prototypes that anyone can check at any time that has been sold by Handicrafts Store☆ALAUDAE.
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If there are many requests for production of sold-out items, we may consider reselling them!
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